Programme stucture

The Women’s Leadership Programme has been designed specifically for women to develop their authentic leadership skills and for organisations to create a balanced talent pipeline, we run two programmes each year:

Programme one:  is aimed at experienced senior managers or new Directors looking to further develop their strategic leadership skills.  

Programme two: Managers who are ambitious and aspiring to future board-level positions 

How does the programme work?

Held twice yearly, the programme runs over three months and includes a total of four days training, a Myers-Briggs psychometric assessment, two individual coaching sessions, two dinners where sponsors from the supporting organisation can also attend, and a graduation event.

All participants and their organisational sponsor will be invited to dinner during the evening of the first and third day across the 2 modules.  Guest speakers will share their experiences from their organisations.  There will also be a graduation event 6 weeks after the second module.  The programme is not residential, although delegates are able to stay at the venues and we would encourage this to facilitate as much networking as possible. 

The programme content and style:

The programme will present the findings from research on gender equality and specifically what works.  The style is a facilitated action learning approach with delegates reflecting on and sharing their own experiences.  We will use MBTI to explore individual preferences and leadership styles and practical models and techniques will be provided with a focus on skill development.  Individuals will be encouraged to network and guest speakers will be invited to the dinners and the graduation event to share their experiences.  The course content will include:

The course content will include:


More information

For more information regarding the course, pricing or the right course for you, please contact Lucy Plumb on 01473 250990 or  Download the full Women's Leadership Programme brochure