Women's Leadership Programme for participants

Why take part in the women’s leadership programme?

The Women’s Leadership Programme is different from standard women’s development programmes in that it seeks to support organisations through the role of the sponsor in parallel with developing women.

For aspiring female leaders, the programme:

  1. Helps you define your ambition and develop a plan to achieve your aspirations
  2. Supports you in developing the confidence to deliver on your plan
  3. Explores your leadership style and your authenticity
  4. Provides access to the WLP alumni and a professional support network of leading businesswomen in the region
  5. Examines how you might be holding yourself back
  6. Identifies the barriers in organisations and how to overcome these
  7. Provides access to experienced successful leaders through our guest speakers programme and their top tips for success

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“The Women’s Leadership Programme enabled me to focus on some key skills that will help me in my career progression. The focus on confidence and belief in yourself and your ability helps me every day at work and has helped me want to strive harder to hit my career goals. More importantly, the other women on the course were an inspiration to me, and I learnt a lot from listening to their experiences. I highly recommend this course to any women that want to learn skills to help with their careers.”

Rebecca Davies, Head of HR and Legal (Alumni)