"The Women’s leadership course came at a perfect time in my career, as I was looking to grow my team and take the next step into more senior leadership within our organisation. It has been wonderful to meet a group of like-minded people who are passionate about their work but want to maintain a work-life balance that can be so hard to achieve in a fast-paced world.

The sessions are a great mix of learning new tools, reflecting on experiences and thinking about how we can achieve the best from ourselves, our teams and our organisation. I have learnt so much about various leadership styles and how to be adaptable to the needs of others who perhaps view a situation completely differently, which has been of real benefit to our company. I was particularly interested to learn more about strategies for successful influencing and the course has given me the resources and confidence to speak up. I would highly recommend the programme, for me it was precious time well spent."
Dr Karen Howarth, Senior Director of Clinical Genomics, Inivata


AbcamI didn’t really know what to expect from the women in leadership course but I’m really glad I signed up. It’s great to network with like-minded women who share similar roadblocks yet all with very different perspectives and experiences which lends itself to really interesting conversations (and a lot of fun!)

This course has helped me build in confidence to start asserting myself in a positive way as a leader by not being afraid to delegate thus giving me time to focus on the future direction of the team including myself.”
Annabelle Roberts, Senior Product Manager - Quality, Abcam


TMJ Interiors

Attending the Women’s Leadership Programme came at the most perfect time for me in my career. I was in the process of dealing with a lot of personal challenges in my role as QuESH Manager in particular my own ability to be a good manager and great leader of my team.

Being on the course with an excellent group of like-minded professionals, who all happened to be women, and who I could relate to, as they were also dealing with the same challenges, helped me focus on the fact I wasn’t alone and there was plenty of support out there.

The different subjects that are discussed in each session, were so easy to relate to and gave me no end of tools and ideas to help me develop myself.  I don’t believe I have ever carried out so much self-reflection, but I would recommend it to anyone.  It opened my eyes to how I behave and come across to the rest of the business and I feel it has completely changed the way I present myself and interact with others. Having speakers come into the sessions, who had been on the course previously or who were inspirational leaders themselves, also helped to gain an insight into their journey and I was able to take away some really good ideas.

I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who feels they are at a crossroads in their career and just need that little nudge to take it and them to the next level.”
Teresa Gorham, QuESH Manager, TMJ Interiors


"I have really benefitted from learning from a diverse group of business women and building my professional network.The materials and speakers as well as the discussions were relevant and of a high standard.

I would recommend the course to both those entering leadership roles as well as established leaders. The discussions really helped me to get a sense that I was not alone in my self-doubt and that there were many things that we as women can do, including sharing more and being more open with our needs and desires in order for us to raise the bar. My self-confidence and self-awareness has definitely grown over the last 6 months and I feel that the course has armed me with tools that I can use in my everyday leadership going forward. Thank you." Anonymous.