Developing leaders in a changing world

The last two years have required leaders to adapt and lead their people through the challenges of the pandemic, for many introducing remote working which is now evolving into hybrid working. 

This has required leaders who are adept at flexing their style, coaching and engaging with their teams and providing support and encouragement as people navigate these changes. In light of this, we have adapted our Women’s Leadership Programme, both the content and the method of delivery. In 2021 the programme was delivered virtually and in 2022 the programme will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual sessions. 

Our Women’s Leadership Programme continues to support ambitious women who are clear about their next career move, who would like support in developing their leadership, consolidating their step up, and who may manage a team or teams. The programme will look at how we can embrace the change in leadership roles and explore the currency of our skills. The first and last sessions will be delivered in person and the sessions in between will be online. All sessions will be highly participative, providing the opportunity to explore and develop your leadership identity and skills for the changing world that we now live in.

However, one thing that has not changed is that the business case for gender diversity at all levels in the workplace is clear and progressive organisations are more than ever seeking diversity of experience, behaviour and thinking. Supporting high-potential women through this programme can be part of your organisation's Equality Diversity and Inclusion plan. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Women’s Leadership Programme. Register your interest here >

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“I didn’t really know what to expect from the Women's Leadership Programme, but I’m really glad I signed up. It’s great to network with like-minded women who share similar roadblocks yet all with very different perspectives and experiences which lends itself to really interesting conversations (and a lot of fun!) This course has helped me build in confidence to start asserting myself in a positive way as a leader by not being afraid to delegate thus giving me time to focus on the future direction of the team including myself.”

Annabelle Roberts, Senior Product Manager - Quality, Abcam.