Women's Leadership Programme

Developing leaders in the East of England

The business case for gender diversity at all levels in the workplace is clear and progressive organisations are seeking diversity of experience, behaviour and thinking.

Our Women’s Leadership Programme is aimed at supporting female leaders to broaden their leadership skills, confidence and build a network of like-minded professionals.

Developed by Pure and People & Performance, this programme is designed to enhance confidence, develop leadership skills and build networks; all whilst gaining exposure to high profile, successful business leaders. In an innovative dual approach, it also supports organisations in building succession plans that engage talent and overcome any barriers or obstacles, and in developing inclusive workplace cultures where aspiring female talent achieve their potential.

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“The Women’s Leadership Programme is thought-provoking and has armed me with a number of useful models and ideas. A key takeaway was realising that some issues are partly my own personal beliefs and not as a big as you imagine. It was astonishing to witness the growth and development of all of the participants during the programme.”

Lisa Bowman, Director of Finance and Services, Elveden Farms  Limited (Alumni)