Developing leaders in a changing world

The way that the world has changed has meant that we have significantly had to adapt our leadership skills and create new ways of working in the future. Because of this, we are evolving our Women’s Leadership Programme to suit the demands of our pandemic affected world.

Our Women’s Leadership Programme continues to support ambitious women who are clear about their next career move, who would like support in consolidating their step up, and who may manage a team or teams. The 2021/2022 programme will look at how we can embrace the change in leadership roles and explore the currency of our skills. Sessions will be delivered online but will continue to be highly participative, providing the opportunity to explore and develop your leadership identity and skills for the changing world that we now live in.

However, one thing that has not changed is that the business case for gender diversity at all levels in the workplace is clear and progressive organisations are more than ever seeking diversity of experience, behaviour and thinking.

We look forward to welcoming you on to our Women’s Leadership Programme.

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“It’s often said that a lack of female role models affects women’s ambition. Working in technology, I’ve never had many female colleagues. I was curious to know how I’d react to an all women group for training and I found real admiration for all of them and the guest speakers. While I’ve certainly learnt a lot from many male colleagues, I also discovered it is that bit easier to put myself into other women’s shoes.”

Jo Stansfield, Global Lead – Diversity and Inclusion, first joined AVEVA in 2008 as a Senior Software Engineer.