About the programme

In 2014, we created the Women’s Leadership Programme with people development and consultancy firm People & Performance Ltd. Of the more than 120 women who’ve been through it, well over half of those have moved into bigger roles within their organisations.

WLP_About the programme

How it works

We’ve designed the programme to help you:

  • define your ambitions and develop a plan – and the confidence – to achieve them
  • explore your leadership style and how you might be holding yourself back
  • identify the barriers in organisations and in ourselves, and overcome them
  • build a professional support network of businesswomen in the region, and promote access to experienced leaders through our guest speakers.

The themes for this year include:

  • building trusting and productive relationships at work – with stakeholders, peers, your team and your boss
  • adapting your style to make the most of hybrid working
  • engaging with resistance rather than avoiding it
  • exploring organisational culture and how your behaviour is shaped by it (and can shape it) 
  • developing and sustaining high-performance mind-sets
  • working with diversity to successfully lead and support your team.  

One of the things that makes our programme different is that we encourage everyone to have a sponsor for the duration of the course – usually someone senior from your organisation – to support you and act as a mentor. 

We also carefully tailor the programme to the experience level of the group. So you’ll always be able to relate to the other people you meet while you’re taking part.

When and where

The programme is split into two sessions which take place at the Møller Institute in Cambridge. For 2023/2024, those will be:

  • 4 to 5 March 2025
  • 10 to 11 June 2025

The price

It costs £3,500 (+VAT).

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