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WLP Christina Youell 2017

Having more women in leadership roles isn’t just about ticking boxes. In fact, according to Baroness Berridge, the UK Minister for Women, companies in the top 25% for gender diversity on their executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average profits.

Gender diversity is also linked to increased innovation, and can even help companies build better relationships with customers. Most importantly, it can inspire other women employees to aim higher, and boost engagement in the whole workforce.

Why choose our Women’s Leadership Programme?

We’ve designed our programme to help your succession planning by developing talented women as leaders of the future. It’ll also help you:

  • keep senior female staff for longer, and build a more diverse team for the future
  • explore ways to develop a more inclusive culture and values
  • boost organisational performance over the long term.

A unique sponsorship opportunity

When you decide to send someone from your business on the programme, we’ll ask you to nominate a sponsor – someone who can mentor and support your team member throughout their time with us. So your organisation will really be involved at every step of the way. That’s another thing that makes our programme so special.

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